1. Anonymous said: If jin, hoseok, and taehyung saw a girl that they really like (but they don't know her) who would approach her and how?


    Okay literally based off of that AHL episode (ep 5 I think) where they had to pick up girls, I’d say all three of them would approach the girl! But obviously, they’d be able to speak Koreran to this girl, so they’d be smoother. For this, let’s assume that the girl won’t recognize them as idols.

    So, for Hobi, he’d just be super friendly. he’d go up to her, introduce himself and ask her name (and maybe even throw in a cute little compliment). She’d smile and blush and she would see that he’s just super incredibly genuine and she’d let him walk with her to the cafe she was heading to, and maybe even let him sit there and talk to her more about this cool store he knows in Hongdae and "I could take you there if you want" and she’d undeniably find herself agreeing.

    Jin would approach her, but I feel like it would take him some time to work up the nerve. She would be sitting on a park bench, sipping on a coffee and reading a book, just enjoying the fresh air of Seoul. He’d see her, completely stop and gape at her for a little bit before he takes a deep breath, reassures himself that nothing could go too wrong in this situation and approaches her. He’ll sit down next to her and look over her shoulder a bit before just asking what she’s reading. She’ll turn to look at him and be hit with full affect of Jin’s handsomeness and she might shyly say the name of the book and what it’s about and from there they would introduce themselves and talk about books for the rest of the afternoon.

    I can really imagine this happening to Taehyung at school. After not being at school for a while, Taehyung comes back and he and Jimin discover they’re in the same class (again). They are so happy that they just run to their desks and begin to chat with each other, oblivious to the people around them. Then, a girl taps Jimin’s shoulder like, "Jimin-ssi that’s my spot. Your’s is on the other side of Taehyung-ssi" and for a moment they might think that she was a fan, but then they realize that everyone’s desk has a name sign on it and Jimin gets up. Meanwhile, Taehyung is mesmerized by this girl who has soft looking hair, a gentle voice, and kind eyes. He’ll stare at her quite obviously before saying, "I didn’t get your name" and she’ll giggle a bit and point to her desk before saying, "It’s ___. Why are you interested?" and from there, the spark has been ignited.

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  2. interviewing infinite 101: never give them food while doing an interview. They will not give a shit about u 

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  5. Ravi and children >A<

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Zoella beauty launch party

    Zoella beauty launch party

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    me as hell

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This did not just happen

bambi nuuuuu!!!!




    This did not just happen

    bambi nuuuuu!!!!

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